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STEP Academy Trust is the admission authority for the Academies within the Trust and the allocation of school places has been delegated to the Local Authority School Admissions Team.

Post Consultation for Turnham Academy Admissions - Summary

STEP Academy Trust is the admissions authority for all STEP Academies, including Turnham Academy.

It was proposed that STEP Academy Trust undertake an admissions consultation to reduce Turnham Academy’s Published Admissions Number (‘PAN’) from 60 to 30, moving from a 2 Form Entry to a 1 Form Entry school with effect from 2023/2024.  The consultation took place for a minimum of 6 weeks between 14 December 2021 and 31 January 2022.
Responses to Turnham Academy Admission Arrangements Consultation
There were no responses to the consultation.
STEP have been liaising with Lewisham Local Authority regarding pupil numbers at Turnham and they are in support of the reduction in PAN.
Considerations for Determination
Turnham Academy admission arrangements for 2023/2024 have been determined and signed off by the Chair of Trustees in February 2022.

Determined Admission Policy for Turnham 2023/2024


We are responsible for admissions to our Nursery.

All other admissions to the school are processed centrally by Lewisham Council’s school admissions team.

Visiting Turnham Academy School and Nursery

If you are thinking of applying for a place for your child, please do come along to one of our ‘open mornings’.

Please contact the school office on 0207 639 0440 to arrange a visit.

We also hold four open mornings specifically for potential Reception Parents/Carers during the Autumn term. To book a place, call the admin team on 0207 639 0440.

Admissions to Reception class

Children start in Reception the September after their fourth birthday.

You need to apply between September and January for a place the following September. The deadline is always 15 January.

If you don’t live in the borough of Lewisham, please view your own borough’s information about their processes, even if you are applying to us. You will need to apply through your borough.

If you live in the borough of Lewisham, you can apply via Lewisham Council’s website, or go directly to

The Council’s website gives full and clear advice on the whole process. If you need extra help to complete your application, please contact the school’s admin team on 0207639 0440.

You can use the computers at any Lewisham library to get online.

If you have missed the application date, you must contact Lewisham Council’s school admissions team

Criteria for admission

If more parents want places for their children than we are able to provide, the Council’s school admissions team apply their standard criteria to decide which children qualify.

In order of priority, these are:

  • children in public care
  • children with a medical or social need, often supported by an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP)
  • siblings of children already in school
  • children who live closest to the school

Admissions during the school year or to other year groups

For any other type of application, you should contact Lewisham’s admissions team directly.

You can phone them on 020 8314 8282 between 9am and 12 noon Monday to Friday or email at

If you are applying to transfer your children from another Lewisham school, you will first need to meet with the headteacher at your current school to talk about why you want to move your child.

Admissions during the school year or in September to year groups other than Reception are all referred to as ‘in-year applications’.

You can download the in-year application form from:

In-Year Applications can often be reviewed by Lewisham’s Fair Access Panel to ensure that schools are following correct procedures.

Admissions to Turnham Academy Nursery

Children may start in our Nursery the September after their third birthday – please contact the school in order to find out about admission to our Nursery.

You need to apply directly to us for a Nursery place for your child. Collect an application form from the desk in the main school reception, fill it in, and return it to us there.

You can apply at any time before the end of April for a place the following September.

We are currently able to offer a range of full-time and part-time places. For further information please contact the school directly.

We follow Lewisham Council’s guidance on offering places.

We give priority to:

  • children in public care
  • children with a social or medical need, often supported by an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP)
  • siblings of pupils already in the school
  • children living closest to the school

We recommend that you put your child’s name on the waiting list once they are two years old. To do this, ask for an application form at the desk in reception, fill it in and return it to us there. You do not need to provide any proof of your permanent address to go on the waiting list.

30 Free Hours

We are able to accept full-time places under the 30 Free Hours Childcare Allocation on condition of successfully fulfilling current eligibility criteria.

Information regarding eligibility can be found at:

Please note that you can only accept a place at one Nursery and that the offer of a place in the Nursery does not guarantee your child a place in the Reception class.

New School Admissions Code

Please note the 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 Admission Policy has been updated in line with the requirements of the new School Admissions Code which comes into force on 1 September 2021 and will apply with immediate effect. Changes to the policies have been made to clarify the key issues around the admissions for vulnerable children, in-year admissions and Fair Access Protocols.

Lewisham Council – Transferring your child to a different school during the school year


STEP Academy Trust is consulting on the variation to the 2023 admission arrangements for Turnham Academy, Lewisham.

The School Admissions Code 2021, requires admission authorities to publicly consult where changes are proposed to admission arrangements.

This consultation seeks stakeholder’s views and comments. Please see below the documents in relation to the consultation and information on how to submit your views.


Turnham Academy

Click the links below

Turnham Academy Consultation Letter

Turnham Academy Questionnaire

Turnham Academy Proposed Admission Policy 2023-2024

Turnham Academy Category 4 Nursery Children Form

Turnham Academy Outside Age Group Form


Your feedback must be submitted no later than 31 January 2022


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